The Pressure Is On


I’m relieved. With the push of a button the pressure is on, but it’s not on me. It’s in the pot.

A newbie to pressure cooking, I joined an InstaPot group on Facebook and I follow the advice of the Veggie Queen.

My initial interest in electric pressure cookers was sparked by the Happy Herbivore, Lindsay Nixon. This link to the Happy Herbivore site will take you to a post written by Jill Nussinow, the Veggie Queen.

Jill wears her crown well. Her warm, prompt, and knowledgable response to my email inquiries prompted me to purchase one of her cookbooks. I haven’t been disappointed. The New Fast Food, (though not written specifically for electric pressure cookers) is my go-to resource. I love her active participation in the InstaPot Facebook group too.

The Beet Salad (pictured above) is Jill’s recipe. You can find it here.


This Summer Minestrone recipe came from The New Fast Food cookbook.


I followed Jill’s recipe in The New Fast Food for steel-cut oats too.


Dr. McDougall’s website has valuable information (much of it free) for anyone seeking excellent health. The Mexican Rice recipe isn’t written for a pressure cooker but I used mine to cook the rice. Download the free 10-day Meal Plan Recipes. You’ll find the recipe here.










Baked potatoes, ears of corn, kale, beans and almond-milk yogurt . . . I’ve only begun.

What will you cook first with your Instant Pot?




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    Pam Taylor

    July 10, 2014 at 10:28pm

    Thanks for sharing with us. Such an encouragement to not walk this journey alone. Can’t wait to get the Instant Pot. Love your spirit and zeal, dear friend! Love you,

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